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When will they walk?

Will they walk?

When will they walk? When will they talk… Two of the biggest questions new parents ask themselves. But when you have a child with a diagnosis the questions are tinged with fear and unease. It is a question I asked myself a lot. To the point of desperation and anxiety. I was compelled to write…

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I didn’t want her to go to a Special School

I Didn't want her to go to a special school-

One of the most daunting prospects after getting Gs diagnosis was that she may have to go to a special school. I can recall my determination that she would go to a ‘normal’ school. She would beat the odds and her diagnosis and be a ‘normal’ child. I furiously chased physiotherapy appointments and became obsessed…

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Letter to the Lonely Carers

Carers week 2017

To mark Carers Week (June 12-18th) this year I wanted to reach out to all the people who are currently caring for a loved one. This was originally featured on Firefly Community  Dear Carers, I have a confession to make – I am extremely lonely Being a carer is an all-encompassing role. It takes it…

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