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God only gives you what you can handle

God only give you what YOU can handle

“God only gives you what YOU can handle” I used to hate seeing this Instagram/Facebook “motivational” saying. It made me think God was a spiteful God and one that was trying to bring me to my knees – as I wasn’t handling this special needs journey at all. I used to be resentful at times…

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A Time To Be Alone

A time to be alone

A time to be alone… Inspired by the recent purchase of the same titled book. I devoured this book in just over a day! This is a fab achievement considering I haven’t completed a book in the last 6 years owing to constraints on my time and energy. And so to consume this book so…

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Sleep Glorious Sleep!

Sleep GloriousSleep

Sleep Glorious Sleep Before the summer holidays she slept mostly through the night. As long as her Reflux was in check she was ok. Post holiday she has regressed to the days of a baby. She cries if I leave the room. Wakes every couple of hours. I am beyond exhausted. Not to mention the…

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Reading, Nystagmus and Anxiety

Reading Nystagmus and Anxiety

Reading, Nystagmus and Anxiety So for the longest I have read each night to G. As with most parents, I was keen to get her to enjoy listening to stories so she herself would eventually be able to read. As time has gone on her concentration has grown…at first only half listening to a page…

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