12 Ways to Beat Depression

Picture of a green frog doing a yoga pose - 12 ways to beat depression

12 Ways to Beat Depression

It has been a while since my last post – it has been an overwhelming week – lots of appointments, sickness and a major lack of sleep.  Last night after 8 nights of getting about 4 hours broken sleep I had my first full nights sleep! I feel like a new person and so with a little more energy I thought I better post today in my 2 remaining hours of freedom!

Am I the only person who when I don’t sleep everything seems harder?! It seems like the world starts to crumble and everything starts going wrong. It was the trigger to  depressive episodes for me and so I wanted to share a quick list of things I do to karate kick depression out of the window when it starts to rear its ugly head.

According to Caregiver.org

  • Caregivers have higher levels of stress than non caregivers. They also describe feeling frustrated, angry, drained, guilty or helpless as a result of providing care.
  • More than one-fifth (22%) of caregivers are exhausted when they go to bed at night, and many feel they cannot handle all their caregiving responsibilities.
  • According to one study, there is a dramatic increase in risk of mental health consequences among women who provide 36 or more hours per week of care to a spouse.Picture of a green frog doing a yoga pose - 12 ways to beat depression

12 Ways I beat off Depression

  1. Watch something funny – I can spend hours (ok minutes) watching You tube Vine videos they are stupid but can leave me in tears! I do love a good prank!
    (The last one is epic!)
  2. Sleep – Get some! as a mummy carer this can be my single biggest challenge but the thing I need the most. Enlist help if necessary you need to recuperate, give your body time to heal and you need a break! (I seriously need to take my own advice!)
  3. I have created a playlist of music of songs that make me feel good, so on the occasions I feel a bit down, I pop it on and sing away – really helps shift my mood. Here is my Spotify PLaylist 
  4. Keep a diary – Writing is my therapy, if I can write what I am feeling a lot of the time I can work out what I need to do/think to move away from dwelling.
  5. If I can, speak to someone – a trusted friend/ family member or even a counsellor.
  6. Treat myself – Give myself a £5 budget and treat myself to a tacky magazine/cake/ dvd. Most often it is cake – Bakerdays I am coming for you!
  7. Sleep some more.
  8. Meditate.
  9. Listen to a motivational podcasts – Tony Robins, Deepak Chopra, Les Brown, Lewis Howes, Joel Osteen are just a few.
  10. Make a list of everything that has made you happy/proud in the last couple of days – it can be big or small things. Keeping a gratitude diary is awesome my blogger buddy Sassy does this each week on her blog which is great!
  11. Cook a good meal for myself – like a nice meal not a rushed, bunged everything in the wok meal!
  12. Drink (not alcohol) – this has to be the best thing I discovered – drinking alcohol when I feel down is a recipe for disaster. In stead of feeling down for one day it can be several. Having a hangover too as a mummy is horrendous! I mean G is not at all forgiving and still wakes at 6 am ready to play!And a bonus one as I clearly cannot count!
  13. Get a hobby – easier said than done sometimes, but if you can find a little something that is yours and takes your mind away from focusing on the negatives it can do the world of good.

What else can I add to my list? Any suggestions? 

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9 thoughts on “12 Ways to Beat Depression

  1. Great list hun and you are totally right – being a carer is tough and the statistics about depression in carers are scary! I would maybe add exercise – nothing too strenuous of course but a nice walk or a yoga class. 🌸

  2. What a great list. Those statistics are really sad. I think everyone needs to take care of their mental health the same way they do their physical health, I don’t think people focus on mental health enough. It’s even more important to practice self care when you have to care for someone else but it’s easier said than done!

  3. I am glad to hear you are getting more sleep at least for now but you really should take your own advice and ask for help! I am so grumpy when I don’t get enough sleep but I will ask for help and take naps. Fresh air and sunshine help cheer me up too as does a bit of pampering time or a good girlie giggle session. Look after yourself x

  4. This is a great list! And definitely don’t drink when you’re in a low mood! I’ve definitely learned that the hard way! I’ve read about the statistics before, but it is really shocking and saddening! Please make sure you rest! And we are always here for you! Thank you so much for the mention ❤️ Xxx #Tribesters

  5. Fab list! I do loads of these without even thinking about it, that is good isn’t it? I am a recentl stumbler upon creating the happy list I am 12 weeks in to this now. Its great to do. I love that you are going after baker days! #triballove

  6. I like to read inspiring poetry. Especially on days when I’m not able to get outside and bask in the sun! Being outdoors is so refreshing for me. I also love to dance, so the JUST DANCE video game on the play station is great for me.

  7. Awesome list of ways to beat depression you have got here. I really appreciate all of them. And, from my own personal experience, I would like to stress on three major ways: First, would be sleep. Getting a good sleep somewhere around eight hours really help energize the body. Helps release stress and get a good rest. Second would be indulging more on your hobby. If you do not have a particular hobby, find one. It helps to stay focus. Last but not the least, would be thinking (writing or documenting) about things that makes you happy – like you mentioned watching Funny videos or Pranks.

    1. Yes totally agree sleep is a big one! Super hard with a little one though! And writing is a great outlet for me – it helps me understand my thoughts more clearly. Thank you for your comment Miranda x

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