18 Free Speech Boosting Apps

18 Free Speech Boosting apps caringinthechaos.com

Following my post 10 Tips to Boost Speech and Language in your Toddler I thought I’d give you some extra tools to help you out.  I know how you can whiz through 20 games and toys in under 30 minutes with a toddler! So these are my Top 18 Speech Boosting Free Apps. These fabulous free apps will help and increase motivation and attention on your journey to boost your child’s language.

I like freeness, in fact I LOVE IT it just makes me feel good – and so I wanted to spread the love.

Get ready for singing, signing, counting, drawing and dancing! All the apps aim to increase vocabulary, increase receptive and expressive language, improve fine motor skills, improve attention and HAVE FUN!

Get ready for my excessive use of (!) as I virtually show my enthusiasm for these apps!

These are in no particular order

  1.  IMG_0338-2 (1)   Anim Sounds
  2.  Top 18 speech and langauge apps caringinthechaos.com Sound 123 Sound 123
  3.  imgres-1   Talking cards Lite – Simple version of Prolotogo
  4.  imgres-7   Verbal Me – Great one!!!
  5.  imgres  F W Sampler
  6.  images-1  Letters LiteHas 43 Flashcards!!!!!
  7. Alphabet– Includes spelling games, memory games that range from easy, medium, hard, the alphabet and singing of the alphabet!
  8. Smart Flash cards
  9.  imgres-3  Baby SignFab Fab Fab!!!! – For children hard of hearing, or who have difficulties making sounds, sign is a fantastic option. This app shows you 10 basic signs, as well as visuals and videos.  
  10. imgres-1  Meet the Alphablocks – This is great for phonics, repetition of letter sounds. A lot of fun and visually stimulating as it works through the whole alphabet.
  11. imgres-4  ARTICULATION STATION – As with them all you can upgrade, Articulation Station was developed by a speech and language therapist. This intro is brilliant focusing on the letter/Sound “P” within, words, sentences and phrases.  There are two levels which are broken down to focus on the ‘initial’ , ‘medial’ and ‘final’ sounds. – Brilliant APP will definitely be upgrading.

  12. Talking Pictures – This is a fabulous app, you can take pictures of anything and record your voice so you make audio and visual flashcards.  Take pictures of things around the house, members of the family, places – the options are endless!
  13. Speak Up – A sensory Speech app, this encourages the audience to make different level sounds and in turn create big and bright pictures, shapes on the screen.  Great fro encouraging projection and volume!
  14.  imgres-5  Speech Therapy Tool Kit – An Articulation App – this app focuses on the “p” and “b” sounds – it has a host of flashcards, with words and sounds.  This app too breaks the sounds down Beginning, middle and end sounds.
  15. Words Free – Visual flashcards/ Word flashcards – also has spelling games and nursery rhymes to break up the games – a personal favourite included in the freebie “Heads shoulders Knees and Toes”!
  16.  images  Autismihelp have a collection of free apps, very well made. Clear and engaging visually, their language apps:Language Conception”“Same and Different”“Yes or No”These are great games asking questions to develop ‘Understanding’ E.g “Find the one that is hard”  or “Is this a ball?” – I highly recommended for all children, the name is totally misleading and can help any child with language development but will be especially beneficial to those who have Autism or who have Learning difficulties.
  17.  imgres-6  BitsBoardAM- A-ZING (Seriously – stop, bookmark, pin this page and go and download now!)** You get Number flashcards
    ** You get Alphabet flashcards
    ** You get Animal Flashcards
    ** Concept Flashcards
    ** Emotion FlashcardsYour child can draw the letters, do puzzles with the numbers, alphabet, animals etc.  There are memory games, spelling, matching and attention games! Phew!  (Actually read to the end nearly done!)
  18. Speech Therapy – This is a cute app which hosts visual and auditory stories. Your child can follow its auto play or manually turn the pages and read themselves.  The words light up as the story progresses.  The magic of this app is the simplicity and use of short memorable phrases.  The example story is “I Love Mom” which is definitely a phrase I want G to perfect!  Beautifully clear and engaging.

So that rounds up my list of Free Speech Boosting apps! Please pin, tweet, bookmark so you can save and spread the love! These can all be found on itunes and hopefully Android too (Let me know!)

Do you have any great free apps you use? I would love to know!

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8 thoughts on “18 Free Speech Boosting Apps

  1. What a huge selection!! And great to have them all tried and tested by you!! I will definitely take a look at some of these-my youngest had a series of perforated eardrums affecting both ears, for the first 18 months of his life. It temporarily affected his hearing (which thankfully has rectified itself now,) but as a consequence of the hearing impairment, he is behind with his speech. So checking these out will be perfect for helping him get back up to speed! Thanks for sharing with #bigpinklink

    1. Oh bless him, glad it has improved! Ah brilliant hope they help – love the fact they are free because we spend so much as parents ‘freeness’ is like a gift! x

  2. This app isn’t free. But it’s helped my son a lot in the beginning of our communication journey. Good to use as the child transitions into school and expands their vocabulary, English and Spanish. Proloquo2Go. The words and phrases can be customized to the child’s level.

    1. Yes Ive heard of this one but I saw the price and my eyes started sweating! However it is on the list of apps to possibly try in the future if she needs. But thanks for the recommendation xx

  3. What a fab list! I will definitely be coming back to this in the future. Love that they are all free too!! Also I am clearly as much of an exclamation mark fan as you are haha.

  4. This is a fantastic resource for anyone in the stage where their babies are starting to develop language. It must have taken you ages to put together!
    Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes

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