I don’t give a f*ck!

compassion fatigue

Are you suffering from ‘Empathy Fatigue’ Or I just don’t give a F*ck disorder? Ok that sounds a little harsh and a tad unfeeling.  But I have been reflecting on my relationship with blogging and relationship or lack there of with others in the special needs community. This is a big community as there are so many…

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Anger and Special Needs Parenting

Special Needs and Anger

Anger Am I angry at having a special needs child? Am I angry at my child having special needs? ‘Anger’ has been bouncing around in my head, the word would not be a word I would naturally use  to describe how I feel when parenting my daughter. Tired? – Yes Overwhelmed? – Yes Angry –…

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1 in 5 SEN Parents feel Lonely

Loneliness is… I stumbled across a tweet yesterday by Mencap: Relate and Mencap released a report on February 8th 2017 looking at relationships of parents who have children with learning difficulties. 1 in 5 of parents with a child with learning disability feel lonely often or all of the time. Wow this struck a chord with me….

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Confession 3: I.AM.STRONG

I.am.Strong People say it therefore I am. Being a strong person is a respectable quality. You are reliable and are well able. ‘Strong’ to me conjures an image of a person with a superhero costume on and puffed out chest. Invincible. Unshakeable. Confident. Certain. Powerful. Able to handle whatever life throws. I think they have…

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