Please play with my child

Please Play with My Child -

…So I nearly cried in a children’s playground today… Let me fill you in… I have a love-hate relationship for school holidays, I love spending more time with G, but hate that immense pressure I feel to do stuff to keep her busy all the time. Today I decided to take a trip to our…

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Battle Against Toddler Reflux

Battle Against Toddler Reflux Do you have a child with Reflux? Then you know how horrible it is – I have a child with Silent Reflux – with that as a baby she cried constantly, she was in pain and was generally grumpy most of the waking day, she had no way of telling me she…

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Highlight of the Week: Im the Best!

Highlight of the week: I am the Best! As you know from 10 Tips to boost speech and language I am on a journey to help my daughters language development, this week she decided to show me the work is paying off… G started saying, quite spontaneously “Best in the whole world” – now for a…

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