Happy Half Term

Happy Half Term

Two puppet friends hanging out on a washing line
Happy Friends
I used to dislike half term as I felt under huge pressure to keep G engaged in as many activities as possible, I would also be juggling her therapies and hospital appointments which all seemed to occur simultaneously.
At home – play would feel like torture. It felt like a merry go around or an Olympic game to see how many toys it was humanely possible to play within 10 mins.  Her attention was short and she didn’t understand how to play with most things and so they were boring to her.
She was bored or uninterested in anything and everything I suggested and always wanted the TV. I would find myself hiding in the kitchen under the pretence that the dishes needed to be urgently washed  or she needed a snack all through the unconscious pressure to play with her.
I felt like a bad mumWhy was play so difficult and why was she always bored?
This half term I decided to do things a bit different not because I had an epiphany – no – I was just exhausted. I don’t know about you but the term time school runs and endless tasks, washing, cooking, homework, bathing, appointments, studying, seems to suck the life from me and this holiday I just thought “I cannot be bothered!”.
So for the week I wouldn’t stress myself to take her to special needs groups or visit family – nope we would just stay in.
And you know what – it has been great.
I won’t lie I did still hide in the kitchen for a 10 min break from her! – But taking the pressure off myself to take her out and doing nothing was what we both needed. As I was so exhausted I had no negotiating skills in me for what to play and so she led and she loved it! She ended up playing for longer and was more willing to try other more structured play too.
Since starting school I spend a lot less time with her now and I miss her and miss out on so much of what she does during the day. So it was great to reconnect and strengthen our bond. She is talking a lot more now. Not 100% coherently but enough that we can have some kind of conversation.

You know the ones:

“Have you done a poo?”

“No mummy”

“okay- are you sure as I smell something?”


I sniff her bum…


“G! You have!!!”


“Sorry mummy”


“You must tell mummy okay?!”


“Ok…mummy…poo poo”
Yeah cheers G! Bit late now…
Her personality is AMAZING – she is funny and seems to be developing a comedic whit! She is asking more and showing more independence.
She can now pull on her own socks!
And- annnnnd drink from a cup!
So if u see me in a restaurant I’ll be that weird parent smiling like a Cheshire Cat that she’s drinking independently!
I invited her best friend from school over to play his name is A. A is a gorgeous little boy who happens to have Autism. I was a little nervous as I always am with new friends coming over but I was especially as he has Autism I wanted to make sure he was comfortable and at ease. I needn’t have worried he adjusted well because I think he was with my daughter. When I spoke to him he didn’t look at me but still answered. I took some bricks out and he immediately asked if he could play together with G. He came over on Valentine’s day and brought with him a lovely heart balloon for my daughter!
Anything he did – he wanted G there and she was happy to play along with her friend. His younger sister was also there, she’s 18months and a bundle of energy. She’s loud and has no idea what it means to sit and play – G was terrified and screamed at her to be quiet. So did her brother. Both G and A couldn’t stand the noise and were distressed by it. It was amazing to witness another child reacting in a similar way to G when she’s over stimulated sensory wise. In that moment I was so happy – she had a friend she had stuff in common with!
So it wasn’t a conventional shared interest! But hey I have a unique kid! 
They both enjoyed playing in the sensory table (dry stuff as both hate wet things on their hands) and the rest of the afternoon was a success. Finished off by watching PJ masks which they both love. A was running around the room watching as he struggles to sit down, but you know what, chairs are overrated!
Overall I have enjoyed half term and love love love the little person my daughter is growing into and love her new best friend A.


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  1. Lovely to see you back with a blog! It’s amazing how our little people grow and learn. I like watching Robert play with his friends it just adds a different dimension to them. Yeah for a chillaxed half term 😀 ‪Thank you for linking up to the #familyfunlinky‬
    Karen TwoTinyHands recently posted…Happy Days – A Whole Year

  2. Awww sounds like in general a good half term and I am so pleased G has someone she can relate to and with. Welcome back to blogland lovely!!
    Thanks for linking to #ablogginggoodtime

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