Highlight of the Week: Im the Best!

Highlight of the week: I am the Best!

As you know from 10 Tips to boost speech and language I am on a journey to help my daughters language development, this week she decided to show me the work is paying off…

G started saying, quite spontaneously “Best in the whole world” – now for a child that only says a handful of single words clearly, when this phrase popped randomly out of her mouth the other morning it was like a miracle happened.  To paint the picture she woke around 6.55am and she began calling me “Mummy, Mummy, Mummy, Mummy, Mummy” she calls me without pausing for breath as soon as she wakes and does not stop until I come in to her room.

As soon as she hears her door open she stops, flips herself onto her belly and buries her face in her pillow, I say “ Good morning bubba” and she rolls on her back to reveal a 100Watt mega smile and says “Morning Mummy”.

I scooped her up and gave her a hug and we walked to my room so we can lay in my bed for a few more minutes before we start the day. 

On this particular morning I laid her next to me and as her head hit the pillow she sheepishly looked at me with a massive warm smile and proclaimed something inaudible which finished with “Best in the WHOLE world”.

Totally stunned I stuttered, “What?” What did you say? Is this the best bed in the whole world?”
“Yes Best in the WHOLE world” she joyfully proclaimed, waving her hands as if it emphasise the Entire world.

I was flabbergasted! She smiled a warm, knowing smile and snuggled a little closer to me.

This was single handedly one of the best moments of my life.

My little girl showing verbally and non verbally how happy she was and showing she loved her mummy.  She laid there for about 2 more minutes before she become restless and wanted to get up.  But by this point I was putty in her hands, she could have anything she wanted that day.

Seeing my reaction to her saying this, she has now adopted it and proclaims that , the Cat she saw in the car park is in fact – “The best in the Whole world!”

She puts on her tutu (Her favourite item of clothing) and exclaims that it is “The best in the whole world”.

Mummy then thought it might be funny , good to encourage her to extend the phrase by adding “I am the best in the Whole World”. Positive affirmations are what kids need these days right?!

Well my little trooper is certainly trying to say this mouthful! She kindly abbreviates it to suit herself by, shouting “Me” “Me” “I’m the best” and gleefully marches around the flat gesturing ‘me’ by touching her chest.

I can tell you it is highly entertaining watching your child stomping around in her tutu and fireman hat, along with her wand announcing she is in fact “The best in the whole world”.

I have no idea where she has picked this phrase up from but I wonder if it is from her new favourite TV shows Paw Patrol and PJ Masks.  She shakes with excitement when they come on and shouts alongside them when they say “Here to save the day!”

Another of her speech achievements, she has started saying “Silly Mummy” much to the amusement of her Daddy.  I say this a lot so that she understands when a mistake is made and that it is okay to make mistakes (Her making a mistake or failing at something can lead to a massive meltdown) and so I say “Opps silly Mummy”. So yes, now she is saying that to me!

What funny things have your little ones said?

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7 thoughts on “Highlight of the Week: Im the Best!

  1. This is so lovely!! That heart melting moment when they verbalise how you feel about them is priceless isn’t it? My boy can’t say his Ys properly so he always say, ‘I love lou Mumma’ and it is so damn cute! I’m so pleased for you that your daughter is so proud of herself too, she sounds a real character. Thanks for linking! #bigpinklink

  2. What a lovely moment for you and I love the way your daughter keeps repeating “the best in the whole world!” with such joy and her saying “Me! I’m the best!” I can really feel your love and pride in her achievement radiating through the post. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with #ftmob 🙂

    1. It was 🙂 She has now started saying “Silly Mummy” which is sweet too but also quite annoying! I have to totally watch what I say now! x

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