Keeping the Faith through Uncertainty

Have you you ever found yourself listening to a Youtube video and the person speaking, speaks about something that feels startlingly like your own life? They express so eloquently a pain or struggle they have experienced but it feels as if they are talking about You? In those moments it can feel so surreal to feel so connected to a complete stranger….right?

Well, this happened to me a few weeks ago when I was listening to a powerful sermon called Planted and Underfire. As the Pastor was speaking he suddenly brought us, the viewers into his personal life. He spoke about his personal struggle in dealing with a young son, aged 3 who has Autism and who is non verbal.

(Watch from 37.55)

My heart leapt as he was speaking, the anguish evident on his face. He spoke openly about his families on going battle to remain hopeful all the whilst battling emotional pain that could easily veer towards hopelessness.

I could relate so well, it was almost too palatable. It took me back to times where life was so dark, and uncertain and felt unfair. But there were monumental differences between my journey and this Pastors…

Listen to find out more…

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