Global Developmental Delay Hacks and Tips

Global Developmental Delay

Developmental milestone such as crawling, sitting up, walking and talking are all indicators of development in babies and small children. Whilst it is accepted that there are varying degrees of time in which a child may reach certain milestones, a child who has a Developmental Delay may reach these milestones a lot later. A child who has not reached two or more milestones may be termed as having a Global Developmental Delay.

The areas of delay can be within: Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Speech and Language, Cognitive skills and social and emotional skills.

A delay does not necessarily mean that child will definitely reach all developmental milestones. However it does still mean there is still huge potential for them to do so.

My daughter is developmentally delayed, she crawled but when she was around 1 and a half. She is now walking but didn’t start independently walking until just before her 3rd birthday and still has a long way to go until she is fully stable. Her speech is delayed often littered in ‘jargon’ (in audible babble) she is however, making huge strides and I was beyond happy when late last year 2015 she started calling me ‘Mummy’ something I feared I may never hear.

Below I am sharing some ideas, useful information and tips all with the hope it may help on your journey with a child who has a delay. Information will be age relevant to my child but please do add in the comments if you have any tips or information that may help others 🙂