Secret Peek At My Week

On Mothers Day to my delight I was highlighted by CarersUK and Gingerbread Charities

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I did a little victory dance in my head and then set about with the rest of the day.  Because being a carer does not stop just because I had my 0.2seconds of ‘fame’ on Twitter and Facebook.

But it got me thinking about my role as a carer and I thought I would give you a little secret look into my world across a random week – this particular week was in the summer last year.



No Nursery, Eye Impairment group 9.30am.   Food shopping, Lunch, Play with G, Plait her hair, wash her clothes for the week. Dinner, Bed for her 7pm – (Whenever she is down).  I eat, write, put out washing, check diary for the week. Put water in her room for her congestion.  Me bed by 10.30pm. Awake at 12am – Check on G, cover her (She will not have any cover on her even if she is freezing – so have the heating on – very uncomfortable for me) Bed again. Awake at 3am (Generally coughs/Chokes, boil kettle, change water in her room, back to bed. Awake 5am to neighbours getting ready for work, 5.30-6 she is stirring/ wakes. 7 am we get out of bed. – Me tired :/

I look alright when I drop bambino off to nursery – nails are done, hair is fine, I am  smiling – 3 hours to myself , I head to Pilates class (An OAP class I’d like to add).  Pick her up 3 hours later to head home to cook some lunch, change nappy, pack bag, jump in the car – Physio time! 40 mins drive. Physio done, battle traffic 1hr 20min back– home cook, bath, book, bed, cook again for myself – eat, write, bed. Up 1am, cover her, can’t go back to sleep mind racing – eventually falls asleep, she wakes at 3am chocking, change water, check temp – back to bed. Eventually fall asleep again – 5am neighbours up again for work – bambino stirs eventually wakes at 5.30am! Argh We get up 6.30am

Nail varnish starting to chip – hair not as good but passable, I pop her to nursery. I head home clean the house, pop to the bank do errands etc.  Less energy today, feeling bit low. Pick her up, lunch, pack bag off to the hospital for appointment.  Wait for appointment for over an hour grrrrr, rush home cook, bath, book, bed (Tonight not wanting to go to sleep, so battle for 1.5hrs) eventually leave her room, no energy – I cook, eat, shower bed, 10.30pm. Bit more congested tonight – swap her water 1am, 2am and 3am – 5am neighbours are up, she wakes 5.45am, she is moody as she is tired. I am moody now.

Nail Varnish looks like jig saw pieces of color on my nails – I look at the nursery workers immaculate manicure and cower in shame.  Hair – not at all cooperating so possibly have a hat on.  Avoiding eye contact with people at the nursery as I’m so uncomfortable with how I look.  By Thursday feeling pretty shit as night time sleeping is funked up. After nursery I do paper work, make appointments for G, follow up calls. 3 hrs fly by. Pick her up, lunch, sleep therapist comes around. Take bambino to the garden centre so she can play (as its sunny out). Cook, bath, book and bed. I am shattered, try go to bed earlier. 9.30pm. Wake at 12am – wide awake, body doesn’t know what is going on. Awake for couple of hours, she wakes at 3am, blah blah blah

Just looked pissed off, at mad the world. Don’t talk to me.

Happy it is Friday – not exactly sure why (Society has coached me to feel this way, I don’t have Friday night plans! I’m not out over the weekend – why am I happy?!) Nursery, lunch, playdate, dinner, bed. ¼ of a bottle of cider, me bed 10.45ish. She’s up, 1, 3 and finally 5.30am.

Up at 5.30 am. Her dad comes to get her (11/12 midday)

She spends the afternoon and night and returns Sunday afternoon.  I get a blissful night to myself – Yet I wake every few hours, imagine I hear her in the night and wake at 8am and cannot sleep past this. WTF!

I have a lie in – till 8am (What kind of lie in is that?! Id say that’s normal sleeping!) I paint my nails, have a bath, go to church, wash my hair, go food shopping ,cook dinner – and bambino is back!

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9 thoughts on “Secret Peek At My Week

  1. Gosh, your Tuesday … actually, your whole week …sounds amazingly full on. Give that woman a medal. We were up six times last night with NC who is 6 months now and I thought I had it hard but I’ve actually had a bit of a lie in today, and feel 1000000% better for it! We have to take what we can, hey? (And your hair looks amazingly good in your pic, by the way!) Have a lovely weekend. xx

    1. Thank you! A good day and good light! it can be busy but Ive adjusted. Ouch 6 times is tough! Glad you managed to get a lie in – heaven sent lie ins are! Have a lovely weekend too xx

  2. I’ve given up with painting my nails. Someone always needs their bottom wiped before they have had a chance to dry 😉 Thanks for linking up to #FridayFrolics

  3. Busy busy! I’m a single mum too and like you I always wake up in the night (and far too early the next day!) even when they’re at their Dad’s.


    1. I know! I always wake when she’s away lol – the body is conditioned to wake and check on her x

  4. Wow you really are superwoman! So glad you have been recognised by Carers UK and Gingerbread Charities, you really deserve it. #FridayFrolics

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