Special Mummy

Special Mummy

Well not really, but I sometimes feel like a slightly odd, an out of place mummy.

I’m not the mummy who loves to bake and cook.

I’m not the mummy who has lots of friends over for play dates.

I’m not the mummy who gushes and plasters constant updates about their child on Facebook.

I’m not the glamorous mummy.

I’m not the mummy with daddy.

I’m the mummy who rarely coordinates her clothes. Apart from her grey tracksuit two piece.

Is late everyday to nursery – consistency is key!

The mummy who will make plans and break them last minute due to a new hospital appointment, new illness or just because I physically cannot fit it all into one day.

I’m the mummy who smiles Monday and is scowling by Wednesday.

Dont look at me

I’m the mummy who will ask if anyone has a cold before attending a gathering.

I’m the mummy who won’t let her kid eat sweets, diary, ice cream or very sweet juice.

I’m the mummy who takes their child to more therapies than trips to the park or to see family.

I’m the mummy who doesn’t get invited to all the play dates.

I’m that mum.

The mummy who goes to coffee mornings but wants tea.

I’m the mummy who sits alone at most appointments, working out how to get home in time to prepare dinner without upsetting her child’s routine and not get her overtired for a meltdown that keeps her awake for an extra few hours.


I’m the mummy who doesn’t know how to get involved in conversations about potty training, children talking back to them or family weekend plans.

I’m the mummy who can talk to you about cognitive development, gross and fine motor skills, sensory issues and a list of medical issues you have probably never heard of.

I’m the mummy who creates games to work on speech and language goals and sensory development- rather than just play and enjoy my child without trying to shape each activity as an opportunity to learn.

And yes there are others in my situation- but I don’t know them.

They’re probably like me too exhausted and uncomfortable to open up. I don’t know – I just don’t know them.

In the past it would take me an hour to get dressed and do my make up for work. An hour. What I can do now in an hour! (Hoover, weekly shop, pay bills and pick up my child!)

I thought I’d be that glamorous mummy.

I thought I’d be the mummy who was a bit too pushy of her child – “Yes she will be the next President…okay okay Prime Minister”

I imagined I’d be married by now and maybe planning baby number 2.

I imagined I would be running my own business, from home, having the occasional international trip to attend.

But no that is not me, I’m mummy, special different mummy, who isn’t at all unique.

Doesn’t at all have it hard in comparison to others.
But who does feels slightly awkward and out of step to everyone else.


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  1. I think we’re all different Mummy’s in our own ways but it doesn’t matter as long as we’re the best Mummy’s to our beautiful babies. Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo

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