Special Needs Memes that Make Me Smile

Wonderful Wobbly Wednesday #4

Well this Wednesday is particularly wobbly as 3 days into the new term and we have already had a trip to the GP. Never fear though the doctor did not issue antibiotics again – but G has glue ear again, which explains why she has been ignoring me when I call her! I thought she was just being cheeky! So we may have to wear the hearing aide hair band thingy very soon.

Anyway – I am giving myself a pat on the back for getting this finished whilst it is still Wednesday!

Here are some Memes that have put a cheeky little smile on my face this week! Enjoy 🙂


A Bowl Full of Lemons


Ryan extremeparenthood.com 3


Ryan extremeparenthood.com 2


Special Needs Moms Rantsnrascals


Zero tantrums

Sensory play gone wrong

The Mighty.com

Rolled eyes

Cheeky Monkey

The Mighty.com

Leo Laughing

What has made you smile this week? Share the love below 🙂 



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3 thoughts on “Special Needs Memes that Make Me Smile

  1. These are really funny I really like the beans one and can relate to that completely. Monkey has not had glue ear yet but I know other friends whose children have and they thought the same thing – selective hearing! Thanks for joining us at #BloggerClubUK hope to see you again this week x

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