St Patricks Day Squat Game

Fine and gross motor skills game

St Patrick’s Day Squat Game

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Just Walking
Unsteady on their feet

Great for:
Building Quad Strength
Core Strength
Fine Motor
Hand-Eye Coordination.

The length of time to make: 10mins + Drying time

Let’s get making! Step 1:

  • Print out a large cheeky leprechaun face. I chose this one as it is bright and cheerful, his mouth is a great size for slotting in coins.
  • Stick it on a large piece of cardboard and let dry.
  • Grab a decent sized box to affix the face on to. (I got these free from my local Sainsburys)
  • Paint it.

St Patricks day fine motor game

Step 2

  • Cut around the face.
  • Once the box is dry, affix the printed face to the side of the box using some glue.
  • At the back of the box stick velcro sticky pads – this makes it easy to mount on the door/wall. (I would suggest your door as less likely to ruin paint work!)
  • Grab some “Gold Coin treasure
  • Now you are ready to play!

St patricks day fine and gross motor skills game

Play time!

St patricks day fine and gross motor skills game

This is a great, quick and easy game for your little ones to do. For an alternative game, I replaced the coins with words we are working on at home for G to post in his mouth which she loved.

The velcro pads makes it easy to adjust the height and position to vary the games.

Once finished pop everything in the box and put away! Voila!

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  1. Oh what a good idea!! My friend’s little one is so into ‘posting’ things at the moment, I will have to share this with her. #FamilyFun

    1. Posting things are such fun for little ones! end up with all sorts of things inside the box! thanks for sharing x

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