Treat being a Special Needs Parent like a Business

Improve your productivity - tips to managing special needs parenting more efficiently


Treat Special Needs Parenting Like a Business Episode 3

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Becoming a special needs parent is often a path that was never planned for. 

You are thrown into a situation where you need to learn information, skills and awareness FAST. 

You become a strategist, researcher, and changemaker – for your child. 

You now have someone depending on you to shape and lead them in the right direction.

You become their advocate, look after their finances, take care of their physical and mental well-being, you teach them, support them, love them…

But have you ever considered that these are exactly the same attributes you need to run a successful business??

Because in effect you…manage them, you are their accountants, their personal human resources, you administer training, you plan their time, you market (or educate others about them) and so much more…

This is very much like being at the helm of a successful business.  And so the need for clarity, direction, goals and resources is paramount for your success as a parent, the success for your child’s future and the success of your well-being.

In Episode 3 we dive into 6 quick and easy points to help you creatively rethink your planning and productivity around being a special needs parent. 

Which Special Needs Parent wouldn’t want

More time?

More freedom?

More control?

More happiness?

Dive in for this Speedy but meaty Podcast. 

Some of the things we tackle:

  1. Planning… What is your mission?
  2. Who are you? Bossing it UP
  3. Who is on your team?
  4. Goals goals goals
  5. P&P 
  6. Simple strategiesEpisode 3

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Caring in the Chaos Podcast 3 - Treat Special needs parenting like a business


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  1. Some really great tips here! It really does add pressure and stress when you feel like you are out of control and not being listened to – we have EJ’s EHCP review next week so I’m going to go in with a more positive CEO mindset!

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