Battle Against Toddler Reflux

Battle Against Toddler Reflux

Do you have a child with Reflux? Then you know how horrible it is – I have a child with Silent Reflux – with that as a baby she cried constantly, she was in pain and was generally grumpy most of the waking day, she had no way of telling me she had reflux as she never vomited.

Now a toddler/small child she unfortunately did not ‘grow out of it’ – at 4 years old she has GERD.  Instead of Gaviscon sachets mixed in to her milk she is on the adult Gaviscon.  Doctors want to prescribe Ranitatide to manage her reflux but I am hesitant to start her on a drug that manages not cures it.

Instead I am trying to manage Gs reflux naturally, Ranitadine is part of a group of meds that could promote future health problems – such as cancer, so I am determined to try all I can before making that decision.

At the start of my quest to manage it naturally I stopped giving her Gaviscon (August 2015) – which she was taking (but didn’t seem to be helping) – a day later we had a severe case of vomiting which resulted in a 2 day stay in hospital – it may/may not of been related but I am keeping her on it until we have a conclusion about the vomiting.

So what am I doing to try and minimise / treat her reflux:

Reflux Diet:

  1. Cut out dairy – this can be the culprit in a lot of gastrointestinal problems so I started with this.  Before thinking about Gluten or wheat.  So Almond milk, coconut milk or Soya was introduced.
  2. Bought a good probiotic – I avoided high street retailers who often have lower doses of good bacteria available to buy and instead bought Optibac from online retailer Nutricentre (They offer free nutritional advice, so you are not buying without the best information).   You can also buy from Amazon and Ebay. This was necessary as G has had so many courses of Antibiotics.
    If you ever go on antibiotics – you MUST- take some probiotics to help your gut build up on the good bacteria. Antiobitics strip out the good and the bad bacteria. So once the infection is gone your immune system is actually weaker – thus more susceptible to other infections.  Taking the probiotics should be for a minimum of 3 months.I started G in May – straight after her ear infection.  She developed Tonsilitis in October – this is the longest period without a course of antibiotics! (Note: stop probiotics while on antibiotics).
  3. Bought GreenBoost Powder: Ingredients- Spirulina, Chlorella, Wheatgrass and Barleygrass plus Kale and Spinach.

    Certain Greens are meant to be great for providing nutrients to boost the guts health – this powder contains a lot of the greens so I bought this and added a teaspoon to her cereal in the morning.  It turned it green and tasted a bit rank and so I had to get creative so she would eat.

Porridge oats:

  • Soaked in almond milk, add in a pinch of nutmeg and pinch of cinnamon
  • Seedless raisins
  • and Manuka honey
  • Half a teaspoon of the green boost
  1. Cut down on refined Carbohydrates: Cut out pasta, white bread and replaced with Cous Cous, wholegrain bread and even started cooking lentils!
  2. Multivitamin – Tried to become better at giving her this to make sure she is getting all the vitamins her body needs – especially as she is Vitamin D deficient. (She was on the Abidec syrup but the RDD allowance is too low and so switched to the baby and toddler version which provides higher amount of Vit D!
  3. Vitamin D deficiency is linked to reflux

To help with my food quest I decided to have a food allergy test carried out in case I was in fact missing something.

The test revealed she in fact did have an intolerance to Oranges, Apple and Milk. An intolerance is different from an allergy and so it is not life threatening. However intolerances can create a host of symptoms including reflux and eczema/ psoriasis.

I shall update on how cutting these out have helped her reflux or not! I would love to be victorious in over coming her reflux as the doctors want her to have a PH study test VERY soon – which involves putting a tube through her nose into her stomach – whilst awake. Try explaining that to a 4 year old with development delay!

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