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Reading, Nystagmus and Anxiety

Reading Nystagmus and Anxiety

Reading, Nystagmus and Anxiety So for the longest I have read each night to G. As with most parents, I was keen to get her to enjoy listening to stories so she herself would eventually be able to read. As time has gone on her concentration has grown…at first only half listening to a page…

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When will they walk?

Will they walk?

When will they walk? When will they talk… Two of the biggest questions new parents ask themselves. But when you have a child with a diagnosis the questions are tinged with fear and unease. It is a question I asked myself a lot. To the point of desperation and anxiety. I was compelled to write…

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I didn’t want her to go to a Special School

I Didn't want her to go to a special school-

One of the most daunting prospects after getting Gs diagnosis was that she may have to go to a special school. I can recall my determination that she would go to a ‘normal’ school. She would beat the odds and her diagnosis and be a ‘normal’ child. I furiously chased physiotherapy appointments and became obsessed…

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