Sensory Help

I think my child could have a sensory problem – what should I do?

Ask yourself if you think you child has any challenges:

  • Can they hear properly?
  • Are they distracted easily?
  • Do they fuss a lot? Take time to settle themselves? Fidgety
  • Do they see properly?
  • Any general delays? Crawling, Walking, Talking
  • Any habits that might indicate an intolerance to a sense (Touch, smell, sounds, lights, certain movements)
  • Do they eat easily? Tolerate different foods/texturesWhat Next?Seek an Occupational Therapist trained in Sensory integration as early as possible.

    However if you do not have the means (as they can be expensive) or if you are still waiting for an appointment via your NHS, have a read of Vestibular Activities You can Do at Home and check out Helpful Occupational Therapy Links which will be updated frequently


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