Did you know sight is still developing up until the age 7?
(I was told this by our eye impairment teacher!)

Seeing is so important and a sense that can easily be altered just by the very environment we are in. We are stimulated visually all the time and bearing this in mind when thinking of our developing children it is always useful to consider what could visually be impacting/distracting/overwhelming our children.

Things like distance, bright or dull lights can all have an impact on what a child processes. If you have ever taken your child to a sensory room you will most probably have a great idea just how different lighting can stimulate/over stimulate a child!

The function of the eyes is to collect information which is then passed to the brain via the optic nerve.  A child with a visual impairment will have a much bigger challenge processing the information that is collected and translating it into what is around them.


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