Touch Sense


The skin is the body’s largest organ.  It has a massively important job in protecting the body from germs, bacteria as well as a complex task of excreting harmful toxins from the body.

The skin also harbours thousands of receptors which collect information (touch, pressure and or temperature).  The sense of touch is so powerful for each individual body and can also be a powerful bonding tool for parents and babies.  It can bring comfort and aide the nervous systems development.

It can; however have challenges as can the other senses, in processing the information it collects.  Some people with a sensory imbalance can be overwhelmed by a slight touch or equally not respond at all to a significant touch.

This can cause distress, confusion and anxiety to that person and sometimes their family.  Understanding how an individual responds to the sense of touch is so important.  Varying textures or temperatures can distract, annoy and even hurt an individual whose touch sense is not fully developed.

Examples of a person who’s sense of touch is heightened: Not liking labels on clothes, removing socks, not liking covers on them, not liking hugs, stroking or being lifted.


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