Sleep Glorious Sleep!

Sleep GloriousSleep

Sleep Glorious Sleep

Before the summer holidays she slept mostly through the night.

As long as her Reflux was in check she was ok.

Post holiday she has regressed to the days of a baby. She cries if I leave the room. Wakes every couple of hours.

I am beyond exhausted.

Not to mention the added load of the new baby I am carrying!

So to say the last few weeks have been tough is an understatement.

I mentioned her sleep to her Paediatrician and was politely ignored. My pain hadn’t been going on long enough for her to warrant medical intervention and to be honest I didn’t want to give her drugs to sleep if I could help it.

So off I went to my local health shop (almost crying) in need of something to help her relax and sleep. They suggested a body lotion cream for children that had magnesium in it. Magnesium is great for sleep problems and so I skipped out of the shop, hoping it may help.

Magnesium cream
Magnesium cream

I also remembered (bad Mummy!) that I had not been giving her her vitamins. Now I give her quite a concoction for her skin, brain, immune system and bones.

And I had stopped at the start of the summer holidays as we went away. When we returned I totally forgot in my fog of morning (day) sickness it slipped my mind.

Perhaps this could also be contributing?

Well – and perhaps this is a premature post – there has been an improvement.

She is falling asleep (with me in the room) and waking maybe twice a night on average. But much more quickly and has not needed me to sleep on the floor to keep her settled.

Is it coincidence?

Is it that she is tired/anxious from school?

Perhaps something was unsettling her and she was just going through a change. I do not know. But things have improved. Not perfect but much better that I am able to function during the day!

So what vitamins do I give her?

Vit D (She is deficient) so quite a high dose. With Added Calcium for better absorption.

DHA – Omega Oils  – Supports brain function.

Zinc drops – Helps with skin inflammation like eczema, psoriasis.

Vitamin B drops (B1, b2,B3,B6,B12) – There are lots of pro-ported health benefits including, helping to lower anxiety,  helping cognitive function and if you have a limited diet can help replace some of the nutrients you are missing from foods.

I am not at the stage of confidence to think we are out of the woods just yet with this unsettled sleeping! But I am trying to share my journey in case helps someone else! I did find this helpful article that gave a little weight to my thoughts that the vitamins might be helping…have a read on VERYWELLHEALTH

What do you use to help your child sleep?


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